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Dan Rather Reports – High Speed Rail

Dan Rather Reports weighed in California’s High Speed rail project in October. I contributed some shooting and producing to this episode.

National Bullet Train Story

Last night, a piece I helped shoot and produce on California’s High-Speed Rail project aired on national TV on the PBS NewsHour. My partner Roger Rudick and I have also recently produced segments for KQED in San Francisco, KCET in L.A. and KPBS in San Diego. It is part of an ongoing documentary called “Train Wars” that we are producing.

High Speed Rail in California

Here is the trailer for an independent documentary I am working on about California’s high speed rail project.

The Valley

Just got back from a trip to the Valley… No, not the San Fernando Valley, the Central Valley. All by train. Sacramento, Fresno, Hanford. It was hot. It was glamorous. Shot some great footage on this trip. Stay tuned for more of that.